We’re featuring a series from our team members each sharing why they spend their time and resources serving with Discover Deer Park.

Hi, I’m Caleb, and I love new people. At whatever job I’m worked I’ve found myself continually drawn to the idea of helping people move from a place of discomfort and unfamiliarity to feelings of warmth and welcome.

As a team member at Deer Park’s Pizza Factory* (I worked there in 2016-2017) I watched the door like a hawk. Saying “Welcome to Pizza Factory!” was only the first part of what I hoped to do when someone walked in. Then I’d watch their body language to see if they were a regular or a new customer. Someone stepping into our restaurant for the first time always paused to look around with uncertainty and I would make every effort to help them know where to go and what to do. My boss, Steve, was excited to let me offer new customers coupons for free breadsticks (they’re DELICIOUS!) and chat with them so they’d move from first-time customers to regulars.

My heart for new people really comes from my background as a follower of Jesus. Jesus’ said the biggest reasons we are alive is to love God and to love the people He created. I’m convinced that I can’t truly love someone unless I know them and so that starts with knowing as many people as I possibly can and then helping them and the community thrive.

I love new people. That’s why I lead Discover Deer Park’s efforts to turn strangers into neighbors.

Caleb Stapp

While I have enjoyed making pizza and working at the other jobs I have around our community I really view myself as a pastor. Most of my adult working life has been spent in an official pastoral role at First Baptist Church** and so I’ve used what I’ve learned about welcoming guests to church to help Deer Park become the most truly welcoming town in the Pacific Northwest.

So I love new people. That’s why I lead Discover Deer Park’s efforts to turn strangers into neighbors. Won’t you be my neighbor?

Hoping to meet you soon,
Caleb Stapp

*Pizza Factory of Deer Park is one of our sponsors and hosts one of our gatherings each year.

**First Baptist Church is also one of our sponsors. However, I lead DDP as a private citizen and not because of my role at FBC. At our gatherings I offer everyone help in finding the faith gathering of their choice if they are interested.

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