We’re featuring a series from our team members each sharing why they spend their time and resources serving with Discover Deer Park.

Hi, I’m Elisa, a local mom of four kids ages 6, 4, 3, and almost here!

Almost every day I see moms on Facebook asking to meet up with other moms – especially moms who are new to the area. They’re very interested in building a community around themselves and often admit that they’ve put little to no effort towards finding those long-term friends that we all need.

Even in a small town it’s easy to feel isolated – especially in the winter months – and when you’re on the outskirts of town you don’t even have close neighbors to easily meet or a park to use as a fun destination.

I want to help everyone, especially women, break out of their isolated lives and build a vibrant community together.

Elisa Stapp

I serve with Discover Deer Park because it is an awesome tool to help people find each other. People in life transitions, or in new phases of life, like new parents or people moving to a new town find themselves longing for a tribe and I think DDP can be the starting point of meeting that need.

I appreciate that DDP doesn’t just help people meet the local VIP’s or businesses, but that it is actually about people naturally connecting with people. It’s not just about information, but about building a vibrant community.

At every DDP I’ve attended I’ve observed organic connections being made as neighbors discover each other and then exchange phone numbers or set up play dates at the park.

While you are welcome to contact me personally to meet up and let the kids play while we get to know each other, actually coming to a DDP event is a great way to get started. That way you’ll meet others of all ages and connect with people who are also new to the area like you!

I hope to meet you soon,
Elisa Stapp

P.S. The story times at the Deer Park Library branch are a great place to meet other young parents. They’re fun, short, and small enough to make a friend or two.

  • Toddlers: Tuesdays at 10:30 AM
  • Preschoolers: Wednesdays at 10:30 AM

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