You might not know when or where the Deer Park City Council meets, what they do, or that your voice matters. I want to inform and inspire you to be a part of your new city’s decision-making process.

Its not glamorous work and folks usually only notice something when they’re mad. But I’ve attended almost every meeting for months now and I’ve been impressed by the importance of what our City Council, Mayor, and City Staff do with their time.

Explosions & Smoke

Last year our city council passed a new version of our firework ordinance and added several significant new restrictions. This is the issue that brought me to my first meeting in a long time. I was both interested in the debate and I was assigned with writing the news story for the Deer Park Gazette.

However, in those fiery meetings I saw the City Council change what I could do with my family on private property. While I, like many people, am often irritated by decisions coming from Washington, D.C. this was something right in front of me that actually affected me. Decisions in D.C. don’t often change my regular life.

Roads & Sewers

The last meeting I attended, on April 17th, was filled with great information about our roads and sewers. I learned much about our future population growth, why N. Main Street is a mess right now, and that sewers are a delicate balance. Expensive and delicate.

The decisions our city council makes impacts the toilets we sit on and the roads we use everyday. I wasn’t informed enough to comment or even ask intelligent questions about our roads and sewers. But I’m closer than I used to be.

You’re Invited

So I want you to join me at the next City Council meeting. Regularly scheduled meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at City Hall. Check here for the agenda.

The public is often invited to comment and there is always a designated spot on the agenda for citizens to bring miscellaneous concerns to the council’s attention.

Make the City Council meetings a regular part of your schedule and soon the strangers around you will become neighbors – and you’ll learn more about the sewer system than you ever wanted to know!

Won’t you be my neighbor?

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