We’re featuring a series from our team members each sharing why they spend their time and resources serving with Discover Deer Park.

Hello folks, I’m Travis Hanson, your school district superintendent. I began my work in Deer Park’s central office in 2005, directing the district’s work in curriculum, assessment, and technology. In 2013, I was selected by the Board of Directors to lead the school district as superintendent. My time in Deer Park has been nothing short of incredible and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished!

My Why?

I do this work because I’m passionate about improving the lives of the kids we serve – it’s the cornerstone of everything we do in Deer Park Schools. While our primary purpose is to help kids learn at high levels and help them see that learning adds quality to their lives, the work is honestly much bigger than that. We strive to go beyond academic achievement, seeking to attend to the needs of the whole child, ensuring that every student feels safe, valued, supported, engaged, and challenged. The district’s mission is “ensuring the future by inspiring excellence” and we have amazing people and programs that help to make this a reality. 

I do this work because I’m passionate about improving the lives of the kids we serve…

Superintendent Travis Hanson

For years, district newsletters and special election materials (local bonds/levies) have used the slogan, Great Schools, Great Communities. it’s a powerful (and very real) concept. The reciprocal nature of the relationship between a school district and its community is vitally important. In the same way that great schools equip, serve, support, and provide for kids and families in a community, a great community helps to equip, serve, support, and provide for its schools. Fact is, there is no more important work we do together than the work we do on behalf of our kids. This work is what makes Deer Park a special place!

Welcome to Deer Park. I look forward to meeting you and I look forward to your partnership as we move this community forward and prepare the next generation for success – no matter what their aspirations may be! Thanks in advance for your support.

Travis W. Hanson | Superintendent
Deer Park School District

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