You live in or around Deer Park (or soon will!) and so you matter to us. We’re all about turning strangers into neighbors and we hope you’ll partner with us.

You will want to get to know your new community and we want to get to know you. You’ll need to know which local businesses, doctors, dentists, and other services could most help your family, but most importantly you’ll need new friends.

Long-distance friendships will come with you and we’re all grateful for the opportunities that our grandparents never had to continue those friendships. But you need to be invited to someone’s house for dinner, your kids need friends to play with other kids in Swinyard Park and Mix Park, and you need someone who can meet you for coffee at The Pickett Fence or the Classic Cafe. That’s where we can help.

Our goal is to bring you and other new residents together in a mutual discovery process. Laughing and learning together are great foundations for new friendships.

We can help you discover Deer Park the town and help you turn strangers into neighbors.

After our first gathering we saw individuals exchanging contact info and setting up family dinner dates. Our second gathering ended with several dinner invitations between families and two young moms setting up a play-date for their kids. The third gathering featured the leaders of two local service organizations meeting each other and coordinating their activities, more dinner invitations, and lots of shared interest in skiing (it was quite cold outside!)

While we create the environment, organize the local community leaders to share their connections with you, and partner with local businesses to get you free perks, the primary work is up to you. We can help you discover Deer Park the town, but its up to you to turn strangers into neighbors.

So let’s partner together in creating a community we’re happy to call home.
Won’t you be my neighbor?

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